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We Will Haul Away Your Junk

If you are looking to get rid of junk in your yard, house, apartment, complex, office or industrial site – our team members can be on-site and at work at the earliest possible scheduling opportunity. We take more than just debris. We will take away furniture, hot tubs, jacuzzis, couches, trash, junk cars, office furniture and equipment – whatever you need to get rid of we can handle it.

CALL US TODAY 415-867-1447

Our Junk Removal Service is the most affordable way to get rid of any unwanted items. We go above and beyond to accomplish the job.

We are the go-to company for property owners looking for dependable, professional, and cost-effective services. Highly skilled in multiple facets of property services, we strive to make facility maintenance and property upkeep as straightforward as possible.

Our Services Includes

Furniture Removal
Mattress Disposal
Garage Cleanup
Electronics Disposal
Exercise Equipment Removal
Donation Drop Off
Yard Waste
Renovation Cleanup
Construction Debris
Parking Lots Cleanup
Restaurant Cleanup
Office Junk Removal

Services Include

  • Furniture Removal
  • Mattress Removal
  • Garage Cleanup
  • Electronic Disposal
  • Exercise Equipment Removal
  • Donation Drop Off
  • Yard Waste
  • Renovation Cleanup
  • Construction Cleanup
  • Parking Lots Cleanup
  • Restaurant Cleanup
  • Event’s Cleanup
  • Office Junk Removal

We provide the best service junk haul away for anything you need help getting rid of! Bay Haul of Fame is your San Francisco junk removal and hauling company that won’t waste a minute an “on-site estimate.”  

Start scheduling your quick disposal, recycling, and donation pickup in SF with Bay Haul of Fame. You’ll save time and money with the on-demand San Francisco junk removal service

Our commitment to excellence, hands on leadership style, and local market expertise are why clients turn to us when it matters most. Let us be there for you.
Residential, vacant, tenant occupied, and commercial properties are our focus.

How It Works 

Contact Bay Haul of Fame and we will provides low and upfront pricing for junk removal before we even come on site. 

Schedule your service with Bay Haul of Fame, It’s simple as 1,2,3 . From property management to retail and office spaces, we provide the most cost effective disposal solutions and waste logistics for your business.

Our professional service crew can handle just about anything. Customized specifically for all your residential or commercial property needs.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our customers say

Best junk haul in San Francisco! Prompt, friendly service and they have the best price out of any junk removal company in the city.

Halley Hunter – San Francisco


Truely a professional worker, they called 30mins before arriving. They hauled my junk and left without a mess. Thumbs Up!

Louis Garrellos – San Francisco


How We Charge

Junk Removal Cargo Van Size And Volume

Junk Removal Cargo Van

Junk Removal 16FT Truck Size And Volume

Junk Removal Truck
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We ship and deliver just about anything

We provide local pickup or long distance delivery services. This is what we do most, and what we do best as one of the most reputable delivery companies in the city. With the most modern and updated equipment and the most elite of manpower in our industry, We provide temporary Storage for up to 2 days FREE. We will provide you with unmatched delivery services. We are here to make your delivery a smooth transition.


We’re a Local Shipping and Delivery Company 

Bay Haul of Fame provides services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customers will agree that our local and long distance services in Bay Area all the way to southern California far exceed expectations. We also have the ability to pickup your shipment, store purchased with little notification — we thrive on providing last-minute relocations that will be needing shipping service. An on-site or online free estimate can be used to compare prices. We will provides you with a detailed estimated cost of the relocation expenses you will incur. Feel free to give us a call with any questions as well. As part of our top-notch service, Bay Haul of Fame is proud to offer other services:

  • Free online Shipping and Delivery Quotes 
  • Free 2 Days Temporary Storage 
  • Free delivery of packing supplies with minimal purchase
  • No additional charges apply to weekend or holiday moves

24/7 Service

24/7 Local Delivery Services

The pickup and delivery services we provide in Northern California operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also provide weekly weekend San Francisco to Los Angeles all the way to San Diego delivery service. We also specialize in last-minute pickup. With such an experienced team, we can get your belongings up to the last minute.



Professional Service

                                                              Professional services along with high-grade packing supplies is the foundation for a successful delivery.  Your possessions must be well packed in quality packing boxes and supplies and protected to survive the move unscathed. At Bay Haul of Fame we provide you with the necessary delivery services as well as quality packing materials and services in Bay Area. We want to make your shipment as safe and secure as possible.



Fast Service

Pickup, and Delivery Services

At Bay Haul of Fame not only offer reasonable rates for storage units, we also offer the convenience of easy pickup and delivery services in Bay Area. This is why we have made a name for ourselves as a trusted delivery service. 




Door to Door Pickup and Delivery Service

Local services in Bay Area is our specialty. This is what we do most, and what we do best as one of the most reputable local shipping companies in the city. With the most modern and updated equipment and the most elite of manpower in our industry, We provide temporary Storage for up to 2 days FREE. We will provide you with unmatched delivery services. We are here to make your local and long distance shipping a smooth transition.

Residential Move

Office Move

Local Move

US DOT 3666046 MC 1269372


When It Comes To Transportation Of Your Goods, You Can Count On Us!

Bay Haul of Fame can arrange for pickup of freight. We offer best freight and ground forwarding services and will work with you on the continual development of your company’s freight forwarding strategy. This can include a tailored solution based on your specific needs.

We can provide a full range of service, including

  • Packaging Service
  • Crating
  • Labeling
  • Consolidation
  • Deconsolidation
  • Temporary Storage


Our Last Mile Delivery Service

Customer’s expectations for delivery continue to rise, companies need to take a hard look at how they can meet (or exceed) those expectations to stay competitive. Your customers must be delivered to satisfaction every single time regardless of location or time of year and you can count on us.

Bay Haul of Fame your last-mile partner can assure your companies to deliver the products safe, fast, and consistent.
By partnering with us we can guarantee your deliveries are on time. Bay Haul of Fame is your reliable partner when it comes to merchandise delivery. Our commitment to providing top-notch delivery service can reflect your brand, even during the busiest holiday seasons.

Choose from an array of special services, including:

  • Inside delivery
  • Stair carry
  • Unpacking
  • Light assembly
  • Specialized equipment
  • Product placement
  • Knowledgeable customer service

The Advantage

Final-mile includes professional, thorough communication — from the initial call to the follow-up survey after delivery — to ensure quality performance and an exceptional customer experience. Combine with offerings that include expedited, distribution and temporary storage options, and other supply chain services for a customized shipping solution that meets all your needs.

Get Started

Trust Bay Haul of Fame to deliver to your customers on time and with dedicated care. Contact us via email today for special project pricing, or call direct 415-867-1447

Helping Individuals and Businesses

Let’s take your delivery to the next level with our powerful and sleek scheduling, routing, and customer communication support 24hrs 7 days a week.


Read Our Google Review; Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our customers say

30 Pallets of Gym Wipes from Los Angeles to Florida. Bay Haul of Fame Picked up the shipment on time, it was explained how it was being delivered and freight was delivered timely. Great carrier.

Gauthier – Innoventic Inc

Bay Haul of Fame Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Bay Haul of Fame work performance turned out way better than big companies in all respects. Customer oriented service from the pickup to delivery. The cost of shipping was well over $1000.00 less than the big companies. My shipment arrived without damage on time and within budget. Iknow I will go first to Bay Haul of Fame whenever I have a shipment coming from California. You will be glad to hire this company.

USMC – Florida


The most reliable and cost-effective option for your delivery of big and bulky E-commerce orders from our customers. With BAY HAUL OF FAME your expert Last Mile logistics, your Home Delivery shipments will be delivered on time. Your shipment go where you want, when you want.

The most reliable and cost-effective service


From small packages to oversized boxes, we ship it all – but heavyweight is where we thrive, ranging from home furniture to exercise equipment.


The transfer of heavyweight parcels is where we set the benchmark for Home Delivery – competing on price, but never on quality of service. White Glove, room of choice, light assembly – these are just some of the ways we guarantee the secure and efficient delivery of larger than life goods.


We are price competitive in the transfer of oversized freight, and achieve ultimate client satisfaction by consolidating all shipments onto one pallet – ensuring all deliveries arrive together, whilst eliminating unnecessary surcharges.


Thanks to our E-commerce services, you don’t have to play the middle man when it comes to transferring your medium-sized parcels – we take care of it all for you, so parcels arrive on time and intact.


Good things come in small packages – and with the help of our eCommerce solutions, we ensure they reach their destination efficiently, without getting lost along the way.

Common Questions

How Do You Calculate Freight Rates

Your freight rate primarily depends on five factors: 

  1. The type of freight, 
  2. The mode of transport (truck, ship, train, aircraft), 
  3. The weight of your shipment, 
  4. The size of the shipment and 
  5. The distance to the delivery destination.

Calculating your freight rate can be a complicated process that is highly dependent on your particular shipment and the carrier.

What Are Freight Rate?

Freight rate refers to the cost of shipping an item from one location to another. There are several factors that impact final freight rates, such as an item’s weight, size, NMFC code, NMFC codefreight class and more.

Additionally, there are other factors that influence a shipment’s cost that constantly fluctuates. For example, fuel costs and trailer capacity frequently change and impact freight rates.

How Do I Get The Best Freight Rates?

Freight rates can vary significantly between freight carriers. Factors influencing a carrier’s freight rate might include the carrier’s terminals/hubs and whether the route between two points is primary or secondary.

How Are Freight Rates Determined?

Freight rates are determined by several factors: freight density, stowability, classification, mode of transportation, distance, points of pickup and delivery, fluctuating fuel costs, truck capacity and any extra charges for special cargo

We Can Build Custom Crates

How to ship fragile freight

Crating will protect your items to an extent, but by following these guidelines and suggestions, you can help your shipment to arrive safe and secure.

  • Wrap fragile items, like glass or electronics, separately.
  • Keep fragile and non-fragile items separate to minimize damage if there is movement within the crate during transit.
  • Pack crates of fragile items as full as possible to avoid extra room that may allow movement during transit. 

Shipping fragile items in wood crates

Wood crates can be built to accommodate standard and non-standard freight dimensions giving you a flexible and affordable method to protect fragile items.

Freight crating tips

  • Minimize movement by packing fragile items closely together
  • Pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top
  • Fill crates to capacity to minimize shifting during transit
  • Use packing material to fill excess space within your crate after packing

We build custom crate to keep your shipment safe and secured

We build custom crates and ensure that our packaging meet your item’s needs. We consider many factors when designing our crates and packaging including weight, dimensions, value, fragility, and final destination. Our team of experts then goes to work building a crate that best suits the item.

With our comprehensive shipping strategies come

Secure and Safe

Compared to cardboard or plastic boxes, wooden crates hold goods perfectly safe. As we all know, carboard boxes can get easily opened or under worst situations, are susceptible to theft during transit. Similarly, plastic boxes also are prone to damages. While wood crates being very robust, solid and durable, safeguards the shipping contents inside. It is not easy to open a wooden crate and the contents remain intact during the course of its journey, regardless of the distance it has to travel to reach the end user. Always rely on wooden crates that the shipment contents are always safe and secure.  

Perfect for Stacking

Wood crates are considered the right option when the contents are to be stacked over the other. Helps save space and manage storage of loads one over the other during transit, wooden crates withstand the weight from multiple crates stacked. The durability and sturdiness of wooden shipping crates are unmatched. Offers more space and utility and ventilation, wood crates become more popular means of storage containers in shipping. It can be loaded and unloaded quite easily. Saves both time and cost, wooden crates never lose their appeal in shipping industry for it favours hassle-free transportation, regardless of the mode of shipment

Cost Factor

Even though, not all wooden crates are expensive, but certainly some type of wood is costly. If shippers prefer to add some extra safety and security to the contents, expensive wooden crates serve the purpose.  Whether to use expensive, more sturdy wooden crates can be decided based on one’s budget. For ensuring hassle free shipping, it is always advised to bank on expensive wooden crates. Using such wooden crates gives added protection from elements while keeping goods intact, but of course comes at an additional cost.  


  • Highly customizable. Crates can be tailored to specific applications ranging from agriculture to industrial machine parts.
  • More cushion and protection than pallets. Crates have walls, the option of lids and can have supports or tie-down anchor points built inside them. Also offers cover against the elements.
  • Can be designed for easy loading and unloading