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Residential Patio Pressure Washing 250sq Ft


This Service Covers 250 Sq Ft Residential Patio Pressure Wash.

  • Inspect the Patio
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  • Covers Organic to protect from the solution
  • Clean and air blow the driveway.
  • Soak the driveway
  • Pre-treatment with proper solution.
  • Soak with water
  • Use of a surface cleaner to remove build-ups.
  • High-Pressure Wash 4400 psi Hot Water
  • Edge the sidings
  • Rinse the area
  • Sprayed treatment solutions


Our residential patio pressure washing service cleaning maintained the surface of your patio. It is very important in home maintenance in order to increase its longevity and appearance. The average cost to clean and pressure washes your driveway ranges from $180 to $280 for pressure washing the patio.  San Francisco’s average cost is around $328 to pressure wash a 600 sq.ft.Keeping your property clean is a great idea for homeowners.

Our affordable service for residential patio pressure washing covers cleaning the patio. This includes oil, grease, moss, mildew, algae, and stains. Our cleaning service can resolve most of those issues. Pressure washing adds value to your property. Simply give us a call and schedule your service with us. We handle the restoration and bring it back to its original beauty. Bay Haul of Fame ®, can do the job at a very low price. Our price is transparent no hidden fees. Very affordable prices for maintaining your property. We’re proud to offer one-time services and routine driveway maintenance.


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