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Our 2 Movers + Truck Service is among the services our company offer. The professional movers at our company will use a special touch in carefully moving your valuables to the final destination. Our company offers many services with every local move.
Our mover will provide assistance for every type of local move. Whether you are a student who needs items moved to university, you need new furniture delivered, you need heavy items moved to new locations in your existing home or you need assistance in loading a moving vehicle, our professional movers will assist you and your local moving project.




If you do not have the time or energy to pack your belongings, we will gladly complete the packing service process for you. Our mover has the goal to safely move your items from one location to the next. We will follow specific protocol to ensure that your items make it to their destination. We will securely tape boxes so that they can support the weight of multiple items. We will provide wrapping blankets and tape for free. We will also use bubble wrap to line boxes and to protect your valuables and use a large amount of packing paper to protect fragile belongings. We will label the boxes and add numbers to them if you prefer so that the move is organized and more efficient. Proper labels will allow items to make it to the designated room and location more quickly.


Bay Haul of Fame 2 Movers + Truck will provide quality service through each step of the local moving process. Our movers will promptly arrive at the designated time to assist you with the move. We will lift heavy boxes and safely pack them in a moving vehicle. We will treat all of your belongings with the utmost care so that your move will be a peaceful experience that is devoid of stress. We will place your belongings in your new home at the location that you designate.


We have the manpower and the professional knowledge to help move large items in a safe manner. If you need a large item, such as a piano, moved from one location to the other, we will complete this task without causing any damage to your treasured belongings. We can also move large family heirlooms in a safe manner. We can safely transport appliances.

We have the manpower and the professional knowledge to help move large items in a safe manner.