Bay Haul of Fame Milestone Cargo Truck Services

About Bay Haul of Fame Milestone Services

Bay Haul of Fame is the best milestone service provider in the USA. We provide local delivery or long distance delivery service, Bay Haul of Fame can moved just about anything. It is basically a California-based private company, located in Bay Area founded by Allen Bais. It all started from the deep-hearted passion for finding a solution to the easy movement of goods during relocation and shifting processes. Bay Haul of Fame milestone services promotes affordable and top-quality milestone services. This helps ensure that our customers are always happy and satisfied.  

Why Bay Haul of Fame Milestone Services?

Bay Haul of Fame milestone service is always the first choice of people. Whenever it comes to getting the best milestone services for their residential relocation. The reasons why people choose us as the most trusted milestone providers are:

Our service quality:

The top-notch service quality that we offer is always the best thing customers feel about us. We make sure that our services are exclusively customized depending upon the need of customers. So that they can get the most benefit in return for their money.


Even if want relocation or moving services over very long distances, Bay Haul of Fame milestone services are always there for help. We make sure that all your items reach safely at their destination and within the mentioned delivery time. We always value your precious time and deadlines.

B2B residential:

We also offer B2B residential services. So that you don’t have to deal with the involvement of a middle man for your residential services. This not only saves you from extra hassle but also saves you a lot of money. As a result, the normal service charges are significantly reduced. Moreover, Bay Hual of Fame milestone B2B residential service also helps save your time and offers fast deliveries.

Cargo truck:

If you have to move or relocate very big items, we can help you with that also. Our cargo truck will be there to load all the items that you plan to move. And drop them at your desired destination in a single trip. This way you won’t have to pay for multiple trips. Whenever trying to move all your items in a small van or other transportation vehicles.


In case you don’t have a lot of items to move, our cargo van is the best fit for you. It is always economical for moving a limited number of goods at a very affordable rate. Our professional loading members will take care of adjusting all your goods in the van. And then unloading them very carefully at your given address.

Low Price:

Last but not the least, Bay Haul of Fame milestone services are very affordable so that everyone has access to them. For us, all the customers are the same and we don’t want anyone to miss our great services just because of money. This is why we offer the most affordable milestone services across the entire area. Compared to other milestone service providers, we offer services at a very low price, but without compromising on the service quality.

How to get Bay Haul of Fame Milestone Service?

To get more information on our milestone services, contact us on our website or message us on facebook.

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