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It's not a secret that finding the right delivery company can be a stressful task, and our experts are here to help you with managing your delivery service


At Bay Haul Of Fame we share a commitment to ensure the highest integrity when providing services and carrying out company business. Integrity and ethics have always been the distinguishing feature of our operations. Working with a strong sense of integrity is crucial to maintain credibility and trust with clients, partners, employees, other parties involved. Creating a transparent environment when conducting business is a top priority for all of us. Our Code of Ethics represents our commitment to operate openly and honestly in relations and communications with our customers and client. We expect the company to be managed in accordance with the principles we uphold. Our Code of Ethics contains rules relating to individual and category responsibilities, along with responsibilities towards employees, clients, suppliers, and other parties involved.


Bay Haul Of Fame complies with all laws and regulations applicable to its business and is committed to promoting fair service pricing, which is key to the development of trade and service competition. All Bay Haul Of Fame employees must take OSHA Safety Training and Hazmat Online Training and must follow all safety procedure. Employee’s safety is our top priority.


As technology advances and workplace methods and strategies improve, there comes a need for employers and employees to align with these changes in terms of knowledge, skills, values and abilities. One of the best ways to enhance knowledge and skills is through training. This is why we trained and equip our employees with the latest modern tools available in the market. This help us improve performance and provide the best service to our customers.

Whether you need a final mile, multi-modal delivery, local moving transportation, or junk removal services. We have the capabilities to provide outstanding services tailored to your specific needs. We have developed an all in one, transportation orchestration platform that provides effective services to customers and businesses.



We use a variety of specialized moving equipment to complete the safe moving task relatively fast and most importantly – safely, such as electric stair-climbing equipment, pallet jacks, steel rollers, aluminum plates and heavy-duty hand trucks.

Bay Haul of Fame offers high-value, low-cost premium services, tailored to unique market demands. We specialized in package delivery that provides reliable, cost-effective and premium logistics solutions. We work closely with our customers to identify and design efficient, cost-effective solutions within their supply chain.


We moved It For You

Our moving delivery tools provide stable & dependable support to lift & move heavy loads, roll, climb, lift & turn easily, and safely even at the maximum rated capacity.


Stairs Climbing Dolly


Furniture Moving Tool



All Terrain Equipment Use

Modern Tool

How much do we charge?

While prices may vary depending on the moving service and your specific needs, our local move is typically charged at a flat, hourly rate. Factors that affect the hourly rate include:

  • Labor (the crew needed for the move)
  • Services (packing, assembling/disassembling, star carries, long carries)
  • Add-ons (mattress bags, stretch wrap, pads)
  • Travel (time, gas, and tolls)

To ensure you are getting a fair and accurate estimate, we will provide you 3 different quote so you can compare them side by side.

  1. Use our moving estimator to get a better idea of what you need and you can balance your moving budget. It also helps keep you organized.
  2. Ask the movers for an in-home inspection, so they can get see what needs to be moved, as well as the layout of your home.
  3. Discuss the possibility of any additional moving materials or services with the local movers, so you’re not caught off guard by any last-minute or hidden charges.

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Our company's mission is to bring professionalism and affordable prices to our clientele in the Bay area. Every day, we work hard to ensure our waste collection and pressure washing services bring value to the customer and their community.

Our Vision

Our company's vision is to become a trusted brand in our service area and expand throughout California. Bay Haul of Fame has one goal in mind: delivering exceptional customer service.

Our Values

Bay Haul of Fame specializes in last-mile delivery, moving service, and junk removal for commercial and residential applications. Founder and operator Allen Bais offers several years of experience to his customers and is deeply rooted in the community.


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We Move Just About Anything

We Move Just About Anything

Bay Area Trucking Service For Your Everyday Needs.

Our Service Is Fast And Convenient

Our Service Is Fast And Convenient

From Small Item To Full Truck Load Service, Bay Haul of Fame Will Get You Moving.

Let's Talk About Your Moving Budget

Let's Talk About Your Moving Budget

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